Grimesy heres a joint to have a look at mate

Grimesy, I had a look on the net and found this joint for that caliper i was after.

Wherabouts in bkk do you live mate? I lived in chiang mai for about 6 years up until about 3 years ago. I really miss thailand sometimes, I might just have to pop over for a quick visit one of these days. I also wanna get a thai step through to race sometime. I used to ride a suzuki akira and it was probably the most fun bike i have ever owned.

What do you do for a crust over there mate? I spose if i was cynical i would assume english teaching lol ( I did that for the first three years in CM, until I managed a mates bar/guesthouse)

If you can, see if you can find a place that does used calipers, I know that thais arent really into the whole used parts thing that much but you never know eh? Dunno if I have said this before mate but those panels of yours look trick mate.

Anyway Pop gahn mai khrup

High again?,

Did you mean the caliper for the Honda Nice 110 (52001)?
If I can post the image myself I think you are talking about the silver/chrome joint mounted on the forks , right? or do you mean the polished bit connecting the two together or the goldie caliper itself?

I presume it’s the fork mounted thing.Strange really because I’ve been looking at front disc brakes on Thai bikes for months and wondering how to fit the caliper to PX forks. As well as the Disc itself? My pitiful Thai salary (51,000 THB) won’t stretch to a Grimica set up so this could be the answer?The Monkey bikes aren’t too common here but they are around. I guess original Monkies don’t have disc brakes?


Hi Ultraphine,

Could you copy and post a photo? I followed the link and it just lists everything! Don’t you love Thai websites?

I live just outside of BKK about 15 mins from the Impact Arena ,Muang Thong Thani. Yep , I are tEAching.

Talking about Thai racers, one of the local politicians came up with the idea of closing down a highway for a few hours and allocating it for street racing. Can you imagine?


Okay I’m on it. A four pot caliper for a Honda Nice, nice!. I’ve seen plenty of these around .
Are you going to put a disc brake on to Sprint or PX forks ?

Regarding mud guards for a sprint, I don’t know if there are any new ones coz I’ve never looked for one! But there are a lot of spares from India so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Wicked mate, the caliper is to go onto a set of sprint forks, depending on how much they cost (there is a shop here that sells wrecked bits and he is keeping an eye out for me)

As for the mudguard, it is totally fine if ity is indian, as long as it is the rally/sprint shaped one, they are exactly the same as the italian shape anyway.

Cheers mate

Yeah mate, it was the caliper for the nice, just the caliper though, I dont think the link would do me much good. Also , I know there are alot of old sprints and bajaj’s on the streets in bkk, do you know if there are any joints that stock sprint/rally shaped mudguards? I am having a bitch of a time trying to chase one up here.

Yeah the monkey bikes dont have disc brakes, but I am sure there would be aftermarket kits.

Shit 51,000 baht aint bad, I was only getting 40 when i started teaching, you mustr work for the university or somethin.

I only ever had a tefl qualification, I am assuming you,ve got a degree?