Grimeca semi-hydro quality/issues

Hi guys, this is probably my first post so i'll introduce myself i'm 26, living in Paris and on vespas since i'm 14.


I'm a bit dealing with rage actually cuz i just ordered for 1000 euros to get this thing up on my first Vespa (Motovespa 75 1965 my sweat love) and the grimeca seems to be a real joke : 

First i'll need to cut a part of my new PK converted fork because its simply too big :



The main reason making me mad is this part : 



I was wrong when i ordered or this is a common issue ? Maybe this kit isn't made for the PK fork but a larger diameter and a longer fork than mine.. i don't know

Few moments earlier i was about to unmount everything and send it back.

At least the Sip tubeless rims are fitting it perfectly. 

i'd like to get your feedback guys cause i feel terrible right now [:@]