Grimeca semi-hydraulic connector

Hi Guys,

I have just acquired a second hand (but unused) Grimeca semi-hydraulic disc brake kit for my PX 200.

I’ve stripped it all down and cleaned it and all looks OK, but I didn’t get a brake cable with it - no problem, I will use the existing brake cable and cut it down (will save time removing the headset anyway).

PROBLEM: nothing came with the kit to terminate the cable at the master cylinder end (ie on the fork) and I’m not quite sure how to do it.

It looks to me like I should have some kind of pin which passes through the holes in the brake actuating lever; the cable would then fit through a hole in the pin and could be secured by some kind of nipple or screw terminator.

Should the existing cable adjuster be utilised in some way; should I use a solderless nipple similar to the that on the clutch cable; is there anything I can buy from a scootie shop which would work?

Any advice? Any pictures showing how to terminate it on the web?