Grimeca disk kit & PK Fork FOR ET3



I can't english well.

See the picture 1.

I purchased the Art.Nr. 13337000 and Art.Nr. 30015000 and Art.Nr. 65023000 in this site by dealer of Korea.

Assembled the parts temporarily.

Compares in length of the fork and PK shock is too long.

So. To my thought appears the thing the angle to be being too high.

When assembling like this, appears the problem to be occurring..

See the picture 2.

Length of the fork is too short.

So The problem point which establishes the mastering cylinder was discovered.

See th next picture 2-2.

Appears to be being interference from circle.

When and to within thought assembling like this, with the fender appears to be being interference by between the mastering cylinder.

Must be solved these problems how and is anxious.


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