Grimeca disk kit & Art.Nr. 13337000 on ET3


First of all, thank you for the reply.

but the mail you sent to me wasn't that helpful.

so I'm going to explain more details with pictures attached.

I bought Art.Nr. 13337000, Art.Nr. 30015000 and Art.Nr.65023000 to put these items on my ET3 in your online shop

Last time, when I emailed you about some questions about these items

you guys said to me that it would be better if I have a shortened Art.Nr. 13337000 rather than PK Fork to protect the ET3 

However, I found a couple of problems when I just put the items together.


look at the first picture

firstly, the pk shock which I ordered is so long that the angle of suspension arm became too wide.


so, in this case, do I make the pk shock I ordered shorten by myself?

look at the 2nd picture

The length of the fork is too short.

also, when I install the master cylinder, suspension arm is disturbed due to the short Fork. 

look at the next picture. 


the red circle in the picture is where there is a problem


Furthermore, I think there is a potential problem with the fender due to the short fork.

I don't think I'm satisfied with this purchase especially if I have to cut the fender by myself.





is right that you have the suspension modified- its needed.


You can look for this Malossi suspension too.


Now you have only to twist the master cylinder so that your lever is parallel to the swing arm.

Also you have to bend the line to shorten the lower piece, that nothing comes on the wheel or tire.


Of course this is a big modification and it needs some more work ( fender and so on).


But it is the finest fork you can have on a smallframe





you have only to look that the upper thread is good done on the suspension.

The fender needs some modis where the upper suspension bracket is, may you cut a hole out or you only bend it out by hammer dings.



Hi, don't worry ! you have bought the appropriate articles and you will be able to do the job properly.

I will tell you more...

First of all, your fork has been shortened --> 30 mm has been removed.

Consequently, shock absorber need to be shortened too. I did it very fastly. You need appropriate tools.

Here is a web site that will tell you how to do it : [url][/url]

more precisely here --> [url][/url]

I'm sure this will help you.

Let's do it and we will see later next problems you've already met :D



So eventually, you mean I have to cut the suspension I bought and don't need to cut the fender?

and also, is there any

potential technical problem when I cut the suspension by myself?

when the brake cable is mounted at the master cylinder lever, the lever does not go down so many way as it looks in the first pics .



It will fit w/o a problem on the fork when it is installed cpl..