Great problems with polini208 - HELP!

Cheers guys!

I have a reoccurring with my PX208 E which is now giving me grey hairs. The engine keeps overheating and cant run for more than 10 minutes before the pistons gets stuck (kolbenfresser;-))

The setup used is:

Polini 208 cylinder
Race crank
SIP Evo Right Hand
Ported engine to match cylinder ports
T5 fourth gear
Standard SI 24/24 with 135 jetsize

I´ve now busted 3 polini-sets and tried different shit to solve the problem but i haven´t suceeded yet.

My intuition says that the gasmixture is too thin which is normally the problem when engines overheat. Yet can I solve the problem with going up to ex. 145 in jetsize or do I need to put on a larger carb to solve the situation.???

All - or any suggestions will be appreciated…

Copenhagen SC

Did it run ok for a time?. If it did I would say youve developed an air leak. If it has not run well from first time then , as gp200ts1 says, timing probably wrong. Figures as he gives. Check timing! If this has developed does it smoke bad? If so, possible clutch side oilseal. If not, replace flywheelside at same time as checking timing, drill tiny hole in flat part of seal from outside, screw in self tapping screw and pull out seal(dont need to strip casing). AND if not smoking a lot, run engine til warm then use oil can and squirt oil around all gasket mating areas watching exhaust for smoke. Engine sucks in oil and burns= smoke. Youll have to take carb cover off to do it, and do it somewhere dripping oil wont hurt. POLINI kits, in the UK, seem to have a deplorable reliability history and not recommended by myself, amongst others.

check the timing. it should be set at least 18 degrees btdc.
try turning the stator plate as far clockwise as it will go or set it to the px125 timing marks and see if it improves.
paul D[:D]