Grand sport Polini 208

Does anyone know about these yet?

I just wondered if anyone had an idea about these yet?

I’m considering one for a future project and have an Austrailian friend who is very interested in buying a complete kit.

I haven’t used a 208 for over 15 year’s as they kept letting me down(possibaley as much my fault as the kit itself),but I loved the power delivary of it.

Reading between the line’s it look’s like the kit is a standard item with the up-rated piston added to it.From this I would presume that the port’s will require chamfering and possibaley the barrel will need honed too.

Any ideas?[?[]

I have two of them but need time now to try…
The piston I think is made by Meteor, not sure though, and looks in its openings like the one Zirri uses in its Kit for the PX200 (that are Polini 208 modified inside).
But didn’t put the two side by side. I will surely do in the future.

Sorry, but of which kit you are talking about? I think grand sport just propose this piston for the standard polini208 but are not proposing a kit. Maybe somebody can make it clear for me?

Not seen this before? same, I was going to buy a new piston for my barrel, as had been looking for an old malossi piston and no luck(supposed to be better bottom end)
The standerd have never lasted me more than 8 monthes, without cracking the piston, but worth it for the sheer fun factor!
CURARE you must know[:D]

Yeah the one I saw was a meteor piston.

If this is the one that the germans are offering i have Just seen it at my friends house tonight. The piston looks good. I’m gona try and persude him to let my bike be the doner for testing as my malossi barrel is std and my cases were originally matched for polini. Your right about the barrel it is just a normal polini with about an hours worth of work with the dremmel still to do!

Grand Sport Polini 208