Good luck beerace

Good luck with your operation mate, hope it goes well, hope to see you on the board as soon as you feel up to it. Ade.

have been meaning to call you to see how your op went. hope you not feeling to shitty. I rode my scoot to a club meeting to other day with you pipe on it, everyone had a little look and I rode for about 20 miles down the A30 with a couple of guys. everyone remarked on what a good sound it makes. people seemed to like it and a couple of people have said they’ll have to pay you a visit [:)]

as for my scooter… i started getting itchy spanners the other day… well more to the point I started getting an itchy dremmel… any way I lifted the exhaust port to about 180-182 degrees open, maybe abit far [?[] and I lifted 2 of the 4 main transfer’s a few degrees too… I also did tonnes of work to the piston and transfer’s. when I first bought the kit i just matched the transfer’s and bolted it on. it was only this time I had it apart that I realised how detuned malossi kits are.

in hind sight I think I got a bit carried away, I should have stuck with just doing the piston work and the around were the piston meets the transfer’s to start with, and then gone up with the ports heights in smaller stages, it seems to have lost abit of the grunt it had , but has a better top end probably about +4mph, this is down to the exhaust port height, only problem is it’s raised the whole power band so i now have to ring it to mid-late 50mph in third to get any power in fourth… i’ve done a few sums and I think i need to add about 3cm to the tuned length to get the power band back down to a useable range. the piston work is great though, getting all that extra gas through the piston seems to have realy cooled the engine down under load. i’ve got to take it apart again soon because the clutchside seals gone again, i’ll take a few digital pics and email them to you, tell me what you think and offer some advice??

take care mate, ozzy

Ozzy, further to our phone conversation and having read your post, afterwards, do the barrel tuning before touching the pipe, and only alter the transfers. Leave the exhaust port height alone other than the pack plate. You can go wider and alter shape, but carefull. Dont go beyond 127 tranfers, and 185 exhaust or itll be getting unuseable.

ditto acey baby, hope yer back is fit enough to give me a piggy back to the isle of wight ya hard drinkin scoot fixin s.o.b

just wondering if you could tell me how many degrees you’d be happy take the transfer duration up to on a 166 kit??

also do know anyone who sell’s just 166’s barrels cheap??


OUCH! That hurt. Hiya fellas, thanks for the sentiments. Dunno about that tho DOC, cant even lift a pint at the moment. God invented straws for me tho’. Had a major complication but I’ll tell you another time. Well, back home, designs soon to be laid out, formulas to be re-dyno’d, and, Adey, templetes chucked into one end of the Auto-cad for templates to be cut out the other. Gonna be a few months on the computer, and a lot of rest. Wish Id done the bloody ceiling now. Doc, may have a candidate for your sprinter engine, give me a call. Again, THANKS. I’ll probably be on the board too much now for a few months so catch up with you all soon. Also, OZZY, hows your pipe now? Cheers, Beerace.