Gl 150 -VGL1T restoration

Hello everybody! I am new here...I recently found my dream Vespa in a town in Norway where I live and run to buy it! It is a GL150 1957 model. A VGL1T in other.

The previous owner could not make it run properly..He could start it but could not get the revs up and hit the road!

He gave me an extra engine and I am thinking to rebuilt that one make it run properlyand swap it. Then try to find out what is wrong with the engine that is currently on the bike.

I have the bike in my living room and I haven't tried yet to start it since it is still a lot of snow outside!

The engine I am thinking to rebuilt is missing cylinder,piston,ignition coil and 3-gear selector.

I am missing a battery too.Can these model work without one or is it necessary?

I am thinking of buying the pollini 177.Is there any better recommendation you guys can give?

What should I do with the carburator if I get a bigger cylinder set?

What about the timing adjustment? I have no previous experience with that and I am afraid of messing with it.Is there a "how to " video anywhere?

Any help or advice would be welcomed..

thank you for hearing me..


Hi, how did it go with your restoration? I just bought the exactly the same model and year and will start renovating this winter. 

Man - to much questions in one post it´s a bit confusing [:S]



What of the two engines do you want to make run ?


I guess the best would be to take the better engine case and fill it with the good parts.

Think about it what engine do you want to build. Touring, Sport, Original etc.




Hi! I am sorry for the confusing post..!

I am not everyday on the computer and I wanted to be  as much detailed as possible!

I would like to built the one that is not on the bike and I would like to make a touring engine...and be comfotable with long distances...