Gilera Runner SP 2006

tips for only engine tuning, to make cheap topend module machine…

    if you would like a cheap setup for the street i would say go for the  malossi mhr replica  or a hebo manston replica  and a delorto 19-21 mm carb  and jet set  … with malossi sponge filter  ,malossi special x belt  malossi multivar 2000  variator ,harder clutch springs  ( main and little ones) , malosii delta clutch with  wing bell  , and a taller gear kit   ( the taller gear reduces bottem end considerably  depending on difference with origenal  .)
     all of these are availabe  on sip  …
 ( also if you’re engine is purejet u may have problems  getting a cylinder  , but if normal  then you should have no problems …)
 good luck

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