Gilera runner 200 ST


I'm new here and glad to join this forum.
I'm own a 2008 Runner ST200 4 stroke.
During the last few months I installed a few performance parts.
Currently I have:
-Malossi Multivar 2000 kit (white spring)
-14 gram rollers/weights
-Malossi torsion controller
-Malossi X kevlar Belt
-Malossi front & rear synt brake pads
-Malossi Digitronic unit
-Malossi Maxi clutch bell
-Malossi Clutch spring set
-Malossi Air filter for stock air box
-A pair of Continental Conti Twist sport tyres
-Leo Vincei 4Road Exhaust

I really like this scooter, It goes like a demon....
In order to get even more performance, is there anything else I can change or do before I get myself into the Malossi Big bore kit (209cc+camshaft+v4 head) ?
I tried the Malossi torque driver with different rollers and clutch springs but it was worse so I got the stock one back.
Tried different spark plugs with different octanes but got back to the stock champion plug.
Currently it's accelerating very fast, the rpm goes quickly to 8600 rpm, top speed about 135kmh.

I will be glad to hear from your exprience.

Sorry for the long story.

1) Is there any reason to change the rear shocks? will I get better handling with other shocks ?

2) Is there any better brake pads than malossi ? other disc brake ?

3) What about a lighter clutch bell ? lighter front half pully ?

4) Which engine kit you recommend ? malossi ? polini or kubler? are they require different carburetor ? because I like the stock one since it's using automatic choke and I heared that using malossi 34 carb will need to cut the helmet bay (not good for me).

My local malossi shop told me it is possible to use the stock carb and change the jets.

if its water cooled

get the malossi 4 vavle head

I forgot to mention that last week I installed Dr Pully sliding rollers, 20x17, 13 gram which gave me a better acceleration and about the same to speed with slightly higher rpm (9000)

After that I bought Dr Pully HIT clutch, 40 degrees, after some tunning I got it work just the way I like (Had to remove the malossi torsion controller)

It accelerate much stronger and even at 60 km/h you can twist the throttle and it pulls hard.

Currently it's the stock carburetor, Keihin CVK 30.

My scooter friend i just wana ask u…if im buyin f32s malossi fork in one of e pages how would i know it fits in my st200?

1. rear shock will better handling.

2. you can get over size disk brake from many brand.

3. lighten clutch will much improve all over than acceleration only.

4. your is st200, it's not much different malossi/polini 210. better you get kubler 250/300 with same money inverts. unless you get whole malossi 210 with v4 head and power cam.

Hi guys.. 

I would like to know if there is any changes to the accerleration if I use malossi 210 with v4 head and power cam and malossi cdi??