Gilera Runner 180 Exhaust

I’m looking to get a stainless exhaust for my Runner 180, and I quite like the look of the SIP performance pipe that is available. Does the pipe require any additional modifications, (carb jets, roller weights, etc), and what sort of improvement in performance would the pipe provide?


George, your post was a long time ago, and this is the first time ive looked on this board so youve probably got your pipe by now. All i can add really is ive just finished doing my own runner 180, using standard carb, barrel but a pm pipe. I am not impressed with the pm and from what Ive learnt, the sip and the Taffspeed pipes are far superior. as for jetting, cos ive ported mine i can only give reference to mine But a 90 is std, and ive gone to a 95 but for pipe alone id say a 91/92 is sufficient. no need to change roller weights although a polini variator would help. Just to give you an idea a good tune will net 22hp at the rear wheel with std carb. Im gobsmacked at the performance. A vespa or lambretta is a far better ride though.