Getting conflicting information about a steering column

I have a VBB2T frame, with a Sprint V motor.  I want to buy the SIP steering column 13347200.  

Steering Column SIP for |

Different people that I talk to, are giving me different info.  Maybe it's a language barrier.  I'm hoping that you guys can help clear some of this up.  

Points of confusion....

1. I will not be running a disk brake at this time.  I would like to run 20mm axle drum brakes (P200 brakes, i believe) on this fork.  SIP told me this morning that this fork is for DISK BRAKE ONLY.  

2. I don't want to buy a bitubo shock for this fork.  SIP told me via email the shock to buy that would allow the LEAST amount of modification to my front fender is this shortened PK bitubo shock.  Is that really the only one that will work without me cutting a chunk out of my fender?


Hi Jeremy !


Sorry, i didn´t understood your email exactly.


Ok, again:

You can use also for first a standard brake drum.



There are 2 possible short shock absorbers for this fork avalible: 65023500 and 70011500.

This  type of shock absorbers are necessary if you want to have a original look.

If you dont need to have the original look you can also take any other shock absorber.



The short or non short shock has nothing to do with the fender.

The modifications to the fender are necessary in any way because of the difference of the conversion fork to the original fork.


Hope this was helpfull :)



Hi Jeremy,

I've nearly finished fitting a 20mm PX disc fork into a VLB (sprint) and I can tell you it is not as easy as you would think (and I'm an engineer!).

The point about the front shock is correct. A standard shock will make your front end sit up by about 35mm giving your scoot the dragster look. You have two choices, either raise the rear damper to match with a longer damper stud at the top where it meets the frame (you will need a longer stand or side stand) or fit a shorter shock on the fork. 

The fork profiles where the fender sits are different. The mudguard (fender) will need the hole where the forks fit reshaping to match the profile of the top of the new forks. And new holes will have to be drilled.

The PX/ PK forks are wider than the original VBB fender (where the shock sits) This will take very carefull measuring and marking in order to work out where to either reshape or cut. I have cut a hole in mine and welded in a formed section to match the bulge where the shock sits.

Even when the mudguard is sitting level and square with the centre of the wheel you may find that when you come to fit in the frame the forks may sit too far up the frame and the fender rubs on the bottom of the horncast. You may need to trim this too.


Thanks for your help.  I thought the point of the shortened shock is to allow the front wheel to sit deeper into the front fender? Is that not the case? or is that what you mean by "original look".

Hi Jeremy !


Exactly, thaqts the point.

The shortend shock makes the wheel sit deeper in the fender.




thanks for all your help.  Now i need to source the other parts of the fork to assemble the drum brakes.

I have collected all my parts, now I'm just having trouble putting this thing together.  In the item description it mentions "just adjust your fender".  What kind of "adjustment" are they referring to? None of the wholes line up and doesn't sit anywhere near straight.  


I've also heard of people needing to run a 2.1 rim instead of a 2.5.  Is this true even if you're not using the disk brake kit? It makes no mention of this in the item description for the fork, or even in the recommended accessories portion.