Geoffs Indian Headset

Geoff , file the lugs off the lower casting for an extra 3mph. Smell that Soul

I think you’ll find the Hazeloin transfer was only cut into the casings of the PKfatbellybelstaff50 special. I sggest you take the Soup bowl front mudguard off your series 2 lammy and cook up some Pea & Ham for the lads [:smile:] [:smile:]

There is a small lug on the Haseldine casting just above weasel port.[:D]

weasel port? do you mean where the carb fits onto the casing.[:dance3:] I really dig the northern beat.

just read this!! this is so funny, does the chickenchoker know his chicken is being choked. glad i’ve no mechanical understanding, me thinks the chicken man should ring taffspeed for an explantion of the modifications!![:D] [:D]

Perhaps the chickenchoker should consider this modification as it might improve the stroke on his piston. He might even be able to reach the vinegar strokes

Can’t wait to get on the mountain road and let it rip [:sex:][:sex:]

Hey cutie pie, bring some snedge? with you to the isle of men, It wasnt me on kumars?, but you seem to know a lot about heemosexuals,give in to your urges I will be happy to be your first. Smell that soul[:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:smile:]

This choker of chickens is either one of the Andy’s or someone who drinks his ale with the outside posse.

I suspect he drives a beany primmy personally

mikem yes I am aware. It’s a genuine Italian part (code no. shaven haven01). I would get one for your P2 as it helps with the aerodynamics (creates its own slipstream). Won’t tell you what they use for the lacquer though.

Hope to be goin to IOM have to check with my accountant (other half) first[:sword:]

Are you into boys willys ! Are you Jonathan King ![:nuke:]

Mikem why are you so quiet,are you trying to avoid me,or are you making the heart grow fonder with absence. re-line job on the wife, your just trying to make me jealous, my knickersill bore needs to be re-lined, looking forward to the Isle of man.[:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance3:]

Is that the one next to the Hazeloin transfer port?[:roll:]

Unfortunately, for you, The Isle of Man is a real place and not an Island full of men. It sounds to me like you work in Graham Nortons engineering shop (in charge of rebores and packing fudge in the souvenier shop). Why not logon to BronskiBeats website or maybe[:D] [:D]

RICHIE RICH name says it all must be a merchant banker. If it bores you that much go away and fiddle with something [:shoot2:]

Tut Tut a565 your acusation is well out, try again. Having said that those avenger pants are somewhat tight, could you be the chicken choker, ps that flywheel side bearing sounds awfull, best checking your warranty.

You boys still bummin your exhaust ports ?

keepin that rim clean [:smile:]

cut out the bacon butties. that’ll give you even more speed.[:drink:]

A565 you may be interested to note that some of the later p200’s had pubic hairs specially lacquered into the paintwork of the nearside side panel. Ps; booking the I.O.M rally this week R U up 4 it ?[:smile:]

I recently had to have my wifes barrel re-treated with a nikasil coating due to the high rpm my boost ported piston created. She said the ride is definately a lot more exhillerating these days and she loves the feel of a high compression rod with big rings plunging through her spiggot.

Roll on the Isle of Man. [:smile:]