Genuine Primavera Seat


I live in Helsinki, Finland and own a 1973 Primavera which I'm trying to restore to orignal condition - here you can 'museum register' vehicles if they are to the original specification.

I need to buy a seat and know for sure that it should have be black with grey piping and a strap. I think it had no print on the rear as it would have had a badge riveted on.

I've lowered it down to two seats from SIP and would like to know which seat to go for: 

Art.Nr. 75501100 - Says 'blue' on the description when it looks black in the pic, overwise seems ok!

or Art.Nr. 75501000

Any ideas?


I would take 75501000 because it is the one that I remember with a strap and no logo in the back. But make sure it fits on your model.

i ordererd 75501100 and its black. not blue. Looks great!