Anyone know how to work out gearing ratios?

I want to know what 2.56 is equal to in cog sizes?



handy for some odd bits of old stock they still carry for smallframes. It always worth giving perry lewis at totally scooters a bell as he carries quite a bit of standard stock too


if you will be using exhaust such as PM, or expansions of this kind, (with Leo Vinci I guess too. Even though I don’t have experience with this exhaust, this maker is traditionally friend with high rpm curve) I would use 2,86 ratio. ( 22/63 ).
Avenger is right to say 27/69 is perfect for 130 Polini, it suits really well, the only thing is that could be just a little too OK, too well educated, I don’t know if you understand what I mean. Then of course it depends how you like your engine to be. But if you use also for touring go for 27/69.

27 drive sprocket and 69 on the clutch bell (ideal for polini130)

Not sure off hand but this is the place for info.

You ever use Turners Mike? Was very impressed with them…


Think I’ve got everything I need now…

Polini 130 kit, Mauzuchelli gas flow crank, upgear kit, 25mil carb, 4 plate clutch, full set of seals, bearings, gaskets, Leo Vince performance exhaust…

Glad the scoot was only £750 to start with…