Gear up kits ?

I’m puzzled by the expression „gear up kits“

A t5 4th on a p2 is in turn a smaller 4th gear (gear down ?)

Smallframe gear kits are described as longer transmission but on the above basis (are they longer or actually shorter gearing)

your right, don’t worry. the T5 4th is a ‚shorter‘ gear, gear down, lower gear whatever. the reason you’d put this on a p2 is so that it would bring 4th gear closer to to 3rd, to reduce the gap. this is because most tuned machines tend to have a narrow power band and, with standard gearing, reving out in 3rd might not be enough to allow you to shift into 4th and still be within the power band, this would be a pain in the arse you wouldn’t be able to accelerate well through the gears… so you put in a t5 4th on a p2, or a zirri short 4th on a small frame and bobs your uncle you’ve a close ratio gear box. you then want longer gearing to push the top speed and optimise the new power of your tuned scoot, you do this by changing the primary drive, not the individual gears, this will lengthen all 4 gears but retain the close ratio’s. Then provided you’ve done enough tinkering and you’ve got enough power, you should go both fast, and get there quickly. [:)]

cheers, Ozzy

BANG ON. Got some rubber 4 u tu ozzy. Give me a call.

cool I’ll give you a bell some time,