Gear cables

just changed my gear cables, and I noticed that there is a sleeve running all the way outside the two cables and holds them together… I didnt think much of it, pulled it out and replaced them with two new ones without the sleeve. Now the gear change is super unprecise and „soggy“. Ofcourse now I understand that the sleeve was making the gearaction a lot crisper… I threw the old sleeve away, and I can’t find a new one for sale in SIP’s store… does anyone know where I can get hold of a new one? or what article number this is in the SIP catalogue…

If not, is there another way to make the gears change properly? because as it is now, it’s horrible!![:’(]

Ok… I’ll try to tighten things up. Thanks!

the sleeve is only to keep the cables together when putting them through the frame, a crisp gearchange is all down to adjustment