Gaskets -sealer?carburettor px or others

Just wanted to hear from anybody who has had any problems with  getting a good seal between carb and carb box and carb box and casing .keep trying but no success ,surfaces are flat and not scorred has anybody had similar problems and resorted to using gasket sealer with any success.if so any recomendations.Thanks.   

Avoid gasket sealer like the plague , it can cause as many air leaks as it solves !! If the surfaces don’t match try another airbox , some T5 airboxes had a batch fault and caused all sorts of horrors apparently. Also check you have the right screw holding the airbox down to the casing , its a particular part and whilst simple is also crucial.

Thanks for the advice im using the original carb box and the original screw as this had never been touched before i kitted the bike someone said to make my own gasket and use a thicker grade of gasket paper so i might try that .

You really should not need a thicker gasket , it points to the problem being elsewhere . I suspect either the airbox or the carb itself may be very slightly warped , this can happen when the sleeve nuts or allen bolts [ depending on the year of the bike] are over tightened . Unfortuneately , the easiest way to check this is to substitute the current ones for another set known to be good. You can coat the gaskets in a smear of grease before clamping down , this can help to eliminate minor air leaks.