Gary U git!

still no cheque!

take it you must be in Mexico by now - whats your problem! why did u screw me around!?!?

anyone out there want an XT2000 Clutch thing?

got one spare (london) no thanks to garyvespa (aka gaz7)

Anyone else thinks of goin in on an order with someone else be warned! (you had your chance Gary - time to name and shame…)

let me know

don’t suppose will be on here anymore - selling up - had enough of picking up bits of Vespa and relentlessly sticking them back on (they are SUCH unreliable machines - character yes - mechanically sound my AR*E)

cheers for all previous help tho…


PS - anyone on the look for a T5 with PX200 engine? errrr its a good runner!

How much do you want for the XT2000?