Fuel tap (diference)

Could someone explain what's the diference between those two fuel taps.


I have this one on my LML 150 NV


But have purchased this one (as for Vespa PX150)


I see that the first one have something on the bottom, but I don't know what it is, and what can be if I put the second one, instead of the first one...


Thanks in advance!

hi, im not familiar with the lml type fuel tap but it looks like a fuel filter to me.

no one to answer ??    =(



it seems to me that the first tap is the old version, they was build in the vespas int the early 60 i guess.

But dont worry , you can use the 2. tap in the picture.

Do you still tried it to mount ?



Didn't try to mount it... don't want to do so till I'm not shure will fit...