Fuel starvation?

Anyone got an idea how to cure fuel starvation on my PK?

I rode to work yesterday and after 3 miles I had total lack of power. I had to ride on the choke, and even then some of the problem persisted. A friend suggested I try adjusting my mixture on the carb. I found an orange plastic wing nut style adjuster. Is this for adjusting the mixture. I tried moving this but it appeared to have little effect. Help!!


I haven’t tried removing the carb yet, chicken I guess, but someone mentioned to me that this sounded more like a condensor problem than a carb problem. I looked in the Haynes manual and some models do have condensors. Would my PK100S 6v be one of these and how likely is it to be the condensor?


You can buy carb cleaner in an aerosol with various plastic nozzles that enables you to spray the cleaner directly into the jets. Most garages stock it, my mate gets it for me from Saab, where he works.

You dont have to take the carb off to clean the jets, two of them are accessible when you remove the air filter.

If pulling out the choke made it go better then it is not an electrical problem. Do what the man says, clean out the carb, it’s not difficult. It’s best to use compressed air but if you don’t have access try using a strand of an old cable to clear out any blocked jets.


ok,pk s eh? not had one for afew years but i do recall having a similar problem to this myself.started ok,ran fine until i wound it open,then just died.my prob was the main jet blocked in the carb.the pk carb is a bit of a pig to get out,best takin the fuel tank out to do it,then you get access to to the manifold clamp.you’ll need a long extension bar on a 0.25 inch drive to loosen it with 10 mm socket bit.undo all cables and petrol pipe,the carb will lift out.the float chamber on the pk is at the bottom of the carb.loosen with a screwdriver(2 screws) and lift away.the main jet is in the middle,usually gold coloured.unscrew it with a flat driver and blast out with compressed air.if you are feeling really brave you could strip the rest f the carb now on the bench and clean it all!the best manual to use is the blue haynes manual,cos the carbs are pretty much the same design as the early v100s.sip catalogue also has some good diagrams!
as far as i know all pks came with electronic ignition,so there wont be a condensor,unless your bike has a v100 engine bodged into it!any more probs,just ask!

Sounds like you may have a blocked jet, try cleaning out the carb.

My PX had similar problems when I removed the petrol tank. I found the problem to be the fuel line wasn’t positioned correctly and petrol was only just reaching my carb. If cleaning your jets doesn’t sort out the problem, check the petrol runs freely from the fuel line.