Fuel starvation problem?

Hello, i have a px200 engine with cilinder bored to fit a 210cc malossi piston, with a SIP performance exhaust, 24.24. carb with 50/100 idle jet and 116 main jet, while running at 70km/h aprox i felt like the piston seized a little, when opening the cilinder everything was good and didnt have any marks of a seizure, today it happened the same.

it may be a fuel starvation problem?

thanks for your comments

I am running a 122 main jet in my std. Rally200 12pk Serie pro/ Sip Road, so the 116 main jet seems to small.

It seems the Engine is running on the big idle jet (2.0) with full throttle the mix is to lean with the 116main.




i don't know if it's part of the problem... but i've got a completely stock 200cc engine and it has a 116 main jet in it. it seems with a 210cc malossi piston, a sip performance exhaust , and a 24/24 carb - a 116 main jet could be too small. have you tried a bigger main jet?

it'll definately be the main jet, 116 is standard for 200, yours could need about 125 - 128