fuel problem

hi i recently rebuilt a 1991 cosa 200 and am having problems with it running.

It starts good and idles good but cuts out after about a minute, when i try and drive it it goes for about 30 seconds and cuts out, i then have to leave it for a while before it starts again then does exactly the same.

I know its electronic choke, do i need the battery hooked up or does that not effect the choke?

its like its flooding itself, ive had the carb out cleaned the jets and every things okay .

Its starting to do my head in and need to get it ready for mot next week

Any help would be gratefull cheers

Hi dude,

I guess its the floater or your cylinder.


Please check if the floater in your carburetor works.


And if you´ve done this check the zylinder if it´s ok, maybe its a piston jam !