Fuel gushing out of exhaust!

After many years of wanting one finally got a vespa (84 px125..)Some muppet kindly kicked it over the other day! trashed the metalflake on the side panel but thats the least of my worries...when i tried to kick it over fuel literally gushed out of the exhaust!!

It has a 166 malossi kit fitted with the fuel/oil mix going straight in the tank...is this a result of it being on its side? what can i do to get it running?

Also snapped the brake lever...I have ordered a new one ...whats the idiots guide for fitting it? Many thanks...

alright steve!!!?  good to see your knowledge of vespas on here mate.

Probably is to do with it being on it's side.

Stand it up and let it drain out whatever petrol it needs to then let it stand a bit. Should kick over then. Maybe worth turning the petrol tap off for a bit as well as carb will probably be flooded.



To change the brake lever , you must loosen the brake cable and remove the lever pivot screw . To loosen the cable take a look at the front wheel hub from the front [ look at it facing the scooter from the front] go to the left hand side of the hub and you'll see two [ usually grey ] cables . The brake cable is the lighter guage of the two and will trace to the brake arm ; it is secured by a pinch bolt on an 1984 machine - you will need an 11mm spanner or socket to loosen it. Take out the lever pivot and gently pull it thru enough to be able to take off the old lever , inside the lever housing on your handlebars there may or may not be anti-rattle shim washers above and below the lever - save these and refit if possible but don't worry if they aren't there etc they are not crucial . Fit the new lever by  reversing the removal instructions. Then return to the hub end of things and retighten the cable , you may need someone to pull on the loose end of the cable whilst you retighten the pinch bolt nut . You will need the brake to working as soon as you start to pull the lever , ie the wheel should turn freely when no pressure is on the lever but then should immediately start to be affected by even light pressure . Take your time and don't get flustered , its a straightforward job but remember those brakes might just save you crashing so they need to be right.

Hope this helps mate ,

Steve @ Skoot!


You should close your fuel each times you let your scoot on the stand.

And if it over flow from falling, leave your fuel closed, remove the
spark and then kick to let the over fuel going out of the cylinder
head, wait a little bit, then place the spark and go…