Fuel gauge problem


I have a vespa px200e disc. My problem is that the fuel gauge indicator is not working fine. It is imposible to read it, it doesn't stop moving! However the reserve light is working fine.

Any idea????



Take out the switch from the tank, have a look at the float at the end of the arm and see if it has any petrol inside ?(wont float !)replace it if it has!



if the wires are bad - take this



and if this is not the problem - change your cpl. fuel sender






First up check that the plug on the tank for the fuel meter is connected properly. Check the plug condition and see if its stuffed. Then if that hasn’t changed anything take the front panel off covering the electrics in the front of scoot and check the condition of each cable from the fuel plug (just get a multimeter and see if any wires are dodgy, you’ll also need a wiring diagram of your scoot on hand). Give that a go and see what happens.