Frontwheeldrive Vespa


Hello Ralf!

Thanks a lot for nice wasserfestival and for a good time at your house!



Yesterday when I arrived home from Germany I recceived the new number of scooteristen, and there where also the new update cataloge from SIP ( same as we got on friday at the meeting)!

Good choice of directly-pointed commercial I must say. The sweden scooterclub members are almost 97% classic scooter drivers. Good work.

I know you have som slight problems understanding the swedish language, but in the magazine theres a pic on me at my nitrous Rally on Ice. I just want to let you

know that it was -27,3 degrees celcius when it was taken!



Here are som pic of the frontwheeldriven vespa I built when I was a hippie, I think we talked about it at the bar. Enjoy!



See you somewhere around the world and have a great time at your croatia -trip!



Keep the throttle in upper position / Ola Backer







A troughly show-winner!!!