Front shocky bottom mount to traverse on pk50 to small

my traverse pin for the shock absorber is about 20mm diameter and the new shocky has a hole of only 15mm. have i to take the metal slide out ther new shocky or im i doing it all wrong. the reason i ask is i dont want to open the packaging if i need to return it. thanks



thanks the brass bit has been stuck there since i last took the old shock off during a previous rebuild in 1996 [:)] i thought it was part of the traverse. thanks once again. Brian

thanks LaRocca the brass part was truely seized but i cut a flat on one side and used my adjustable spanner to rotate it back and forth then it slid off with some force and i cleaned the stud and the new shock slid on with no effort [Y]


heres another pic i wasnt sure if you ment the other pivot point so any other pics just let me know. cheers


my scooter is a 1984 pk50s electric start  V5X2T and my customer number is 19622400. thanks

Hi Dude


The absorber that you ordered is 100% the right one for a V5X2T.

Can you post more pics ? Especially from the opossite side where you mount the shock absorber.




Hey dude !



You have to dismount the Brass part on the left side, its the old bushing.

After this you can mount the new shock [Y]




Hi Brian !


Can you tell me your Costumer Number and your exact PK model ?