Front shockfor PK-XL fork


I have a Motovespa 160 (Spanish model, similar to a Sprint I think) with a PK-XL front fork. and I'd like to upgrade the front and rear suspension.

I can't find the front Fournales for the PK... does it exist?  The rear on is available...

What do you think about a front Bitubo and a rear Fournales setup... both shocks work very differently.


I guess both sock have a standard settings ( 65~70kg pilot + bike setting?), so for a 90kg driver the stock spring (for the bitubo) won't give the best out of the sock... Can they be ordered with the adecuate spring?.... I guess the fournales would need a different oil... or is it only air?


thanks.. and sorry, my english is not so good..





Hi ...


the reason why there is no fournales for the front fork is because the rear fornales for px is the same like pk.

that means that nearly all rear dampers for the vespa are the same measure.

I dont think that a combination of fournales and bitubo is a good idea!


Regarding your weight etc. i recommend you 2 setups:



1. Setup


Front and rear Bitubo original stock - you can regulate the damper for your weight.




Front and rear !! NEW !!SIP Performance Shocks with regulation 15 times very strong and nice design avalible in different colors. (Item code 73000FSB) .. Price lower than Bitubo .. [;)]



I mount them on my PX and its really top of the range !