Front Shock choices

Hi everyone,

The front shock on my sprint has gone and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use an uprated shock from Sebac or Bitubo on a 1967 Sprint? Or even a shock from a PX model?

The standard ones for the Sprint are crap and will only need to be replaced again very soon.

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It wasn’t a sip shock it was a Sebac, just a standard one and it took about a month to start bottoming. This may well have been down to the uprated SIP spring I put on.
The PK conversion costs about £150 and Grand Prix Scooters in Leicester might be able to do it. They definately have the forks in and yeh you can use a disc brake.
Failing that if you’ve a mate who can weld you just need the top of your old forks or a set of p-range ones, add 17mil to the length of the PK forks and you’re there. It’s fiddly but striaghtforward and you don’t even need to alter the steering stop as this rests on the inside of the horncasting.
A set of PK forks will cost you about £30, you’ll need a P-range(I used EFL) drum and all the bits too. Even if you don’t put a disc brake on, the handling and stopping is far superior to the Sprint set up, and you can fit a chain lock through yer forks.

Bloody Marvellous


Thanks for the info. How long was it until your new SIP shock started bottoming out?

And yes, if you have any extra info about swapping my forks with a PK set, please let me know. How much does this kind of conversion cost? Does it also mean that I can fit a disc brake as well?


Cheers Billy,
Thanks for your help, I’m going to seriously consider this.


I had the same problem, I replaced the shock and got a SIP uprated spring and it was ok for a while but eventually started bottoming out. Went through another shock which went same way.
Basically as far as I know and I did look far and wide, theres nowt on the market. All you can do is put a new standard spring on.
Or… get some PK XL forks and do the conversion, doesn’t look as nice but handles miles better, and you can fit a nice trick shock if you like.
Conversions cheaply done and theres a couple of dealers with a big batch of the forks in stock. Let us know if you want more info.