Front shock alternative

Hi All,
I’ve just got around to fitting a motorcycle rear shock on the front.

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Hi, It wasn't too difficult. The bike shop made a "cup" for the bottom and fabricated a similar triangular plate for the top. Just make sure the shock is the right lentgh or very close. I was concerned that the wider spring might rub on the inside of the mudguard, but when fitted it's clear by about 5mm or so. I'll take some more photos and post them up.( With Juan's help, nice avator BTW ).


PS What's with the "Cash Points"?

Opps I’m having trouble with my blog. The photos were there honest…

\Intensive7\c\Paul G M1 2005-06\Scooter 6\Front shock\Copy of 1st attempt 3.jpg


Hi Juan,

Yeah it’s been awhile. I spend most of my time giving the Yanks grief on .

The shock’s good although a bit stiff. But I’m getting use to it. I guess I need one for the rear. ( Ooh errr Mrs.!)

Cheers Grimesy

PS Thanks for posting a pic.

Was it easy enough then putting a different shock on the front?  Literally they fitted a non-stock shock (oh a rhyme) to your scoot?  Was wondering if this was possible as I was thinking of using beakers yard as a source of bits for my p125x '81.

Good to hear from you again Grimsey,that looks a fairly neat set up.