Front brake light switch?

Just failed MOT with a 1985 P200E.
The problem was I had no front brake light . I was told that all bikes registered after 1986 must have this, afterwards I realised my bike was reg 1985. I do have a full disc brake set up on it, would this necessitate a front brake light as there is a housing for a switch. I have already bought a switch and will try to get the brake light working - can anyone tell me where the wiring should go !!
Cheers Spotsam [:bounce:] [:D]

mate,total bollax!
brake light switches didnt have to be fitted til mid 90’s (compulsay).up until then it was long as you have a rear switch it’s ok.if a bike was fitted with a switch from new,then it has to be there,if not,it’s optional.even now,if you have a grey import with only a rear switch it should wasn’t designed with a front switch,so should be ok!
nelly .

another satisfied customer![:dance1:]

You shouldt have any problems wireing it, just tap into the rear brake light circuit.

The MOT place has made a mistake, take it back and get your certificate. You may have a 1985/86 Reg so take your V5 down with you just in case.

Cheers Guys
Just gone back & picked up M.O.T. The tester got confused because of the disc brake set-up. Since i’ve got all the parts needed i’m going to fit it anyway but at my own leisure.
Once again thanks for the reassurance -thought i was going mad[:rotate:]

Check this site out for more info

[:D] i also think this is un true.ive a 89 px with no front brake light, only a rear so i dont no.

sportsam,any probs with wiring the switch(if you decide to fit it!)post a message and i’ll try and sort out some sort of wiring diagram 4u!