Frame damage

[:(] Hi

My PX frame has been bent at the front slightly after hitting a very large pothole. What I want to know is has anybody ever had a vespa frame rejigged or should I just bin it coz its weakened. If its bin it, has anybody got a good straight unbotched PX EFL frame they could sell me? and post?

Cheers. Ed.

Hi Ed
Ive seen quite a few old photos of frames being straightened on a jig so i guess it should be o.k. if done carefully by someone in the know,It must of been one hell of a pothole cause the suspension should have delt with that,are you sure it isn`t your forks that are bent?Also if the pothole is that big and on a public road you can make a claim against your local council nip down to the pothole and take a photo preferably with some way of showing the depth and show to your council with the damage to your scoot,i work in a cycle shop and have known customers who have done this for damage their bicycles.
Hope this is of help

mike clarke scooters in bristol used have a jig for straightening all vespa frames. you could contact hom but i think he’s sold all his stock to revival scooters?
mike clarke 0117 965 6837
revival scooters 01225 70500
if you get a quote post it on the site, as i have a small dented front end on my px


Thanks for the reply. I’ll check up on that, and its given me some hope as I’m not a happy chappy at the moment. I replaced the forks and bearings with new ones so I know the forks not the problem.

Cheers. Ed.