Fournales shocks

Anybody ever tried Fournales shocks ?
Are they good compared to other aftermarket ones ?
I heard about an article in „Scootering“ (july 2001, I think…)
Anybody read this article ?

hi mpr90 !
I heard about this article but could`nt read it yet
could you (or someone else) mail it to me :
[email protected]

A friend of mine bought a pair of fournales shockers a few months ago.
To this day he didnt have any troubles ... he says theyre better than the Bitubo`s… as he work as a messenger and rides a lot in Paris everyday, he must be right !

I too have been wondering the same thing since I read the article in Scootering…anyone have any answers on thins please?


Hi bito.

I dont think that youll gonna be abble to find a lot of people that have tried the Fournales Shocks. The reason is that they are really expensive. The price is about 519 euros for front+rear+pump (you need a special high pressure pump to regulate those dampers). The Fournales company makes high shocks for a lot of domain even planes.
I you want more informations you can go to, the site is also in english.

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