Fournales rear Shock absorver in T5


I have tried to install a Fournales shock absorber in the back side of my Vespa T5.

The new shock absorber is approximately 45mm. shorter than original. This makes the T5 back side go very low.
The difference between both shock absorver is approximately 45mm.

Is necesary add any distancer or rubber?
What I am doing wrong?.



I’ve put the old ruber in the new shock absorver, (unscrew the rubber and try to fix it directly in the new one

Where the extension bar is?.

As you can see, my knowledge about the matter is close to 0.



Fantastic, that was my problem I’m going to fit it in that way.

Really thaks a lot.


Don’t know mate?

Have you fitted the extension bar and the bush to it as well?[?[]

Can anybody tell me how to do it ?.

I’m not able to dismount any other part in my old shock absorber.

Help Please.

maybe this can help: