ForceMaster 2 on a GTS250

I have installed a Malossi ForceMaster 2 unit on my GTS250 (V4 cyl and head, Akra exhaust, airfilter mod), but have a problem setting it up. Setting the Throttle Position Sensor for closed and wide open throttle all works fine, but when I do the TPS verification, no lights come on at all. When I start the engine, the red light comes on momentarily, and then the green one comes on. The scooter runs fine, but I cannot feel any definite difference in response or peformance  -  no extra wheelies, no better top speed up my test hill.

I have tried setting the high and low trimmers up three notches to 3 o'clock, but no change. So I am not sure that the module is doing anything. I don't have my variator set up to hit the rev limiter, so I cannot test the increase in revs.

I have repeated the setup about 5 times. The first time my battery was not fully charged  -  could that have upset the box? If so, how do I take it back to square one to start again? Disconnect from the battery as I would to reset the ECU?

Thanks for any help.


edit: i have just disconnected the battery for 30 mins, but not much difference. If I try to set the TPS all the lights come on at once, instead of the sequence red-amber-green as it did originally. The TPS verify still produces no lights. When I start the scooter, all the lights come on for a moment, and then the green one stays on.