For SIP TECH Staff !- Speed Clutch POLINI PIAGGIO Leader 125/150cc 4-stroke, AC/LC Art.Nr. P249025

Hey guys,

I just fitted this clutch to My 06 Vespa GT 125 and am finding that the bike is revving quite high, more noticeable than with the stock clutch. Does this clutch require more RPM's to "Bite" ? Do you reccommend a different weight roller in the variator in order to compensate the rpm's ?

I also fitted DR Pulleys rollers at the reccommended 6.5 g weight, the stock rollers were 7.5g so I'm not sure which is the problem. That the rollers are too light or that the clutch is too heavy ?


This Forum is pathetic !! Not one person from SIP has replied to my question in over a week. What a Joke. They don't reply to emails and recommend that technical questions are posted here.

Waste of time [:@]



its high season this time, many work...... sorry for delay


the clutch is working better with higher rpms, do you have a vario like multivar too?


if not you need this one: