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I have a question never posed before I guess. I have a 2007 Yamaha veno 50cc scoot and would like to change the front right hand brake, front wheel , to a foot brake like on the Vespa's.  Has anyone done this before, I know it sounds nuts but I would like to try it if its possible. What year Vespa brake assembly will work? what other parts would I need to make it safe and workable. I am here in the USA and can't have some of you guys stop over to help, I would buy the beer.

Thanks for your help,......Bernie 

Ok Dude, 


Please have a look on this explosion drawing, maybe this is helpfull.



Thank you my friend. The Yamaha vino 50 has a right hand brake that is for the front wheel so its real close to were I would put the new foot brake. The cable would go into the foot assembly in its front or rear, I don't know as I do not have a brake assembly. Can you if you can send me whats on a Vespa brake. I don't want to buy one till I know which one will work. If someone has a picture or diagram of one it would help or a new or used one here in the US I would buy it to work on this project. I would love a picture of the underneath of a Vespa brake to see how it works. Any and all help is appreciate.

Thanks guys,....Bernie 

oh [:S]


you´re right - it doesnt works !



go to explosion drawings and the choose vespa smallframe / vespa modell / v50 / and it opens all the explosion drawings




Thanks again, but I still can't do it. Im think I will move on and stop buging you.  I guess I can learn to live with the hand brakes.

Can't stop Bernie.......

Hi ..


I think everything is possible on your scooter, its only about time , money and your skills. It´s a little bit hard for me to help you in this question because i dont know anything about your scooter.


But the parts that you maybe could use would be the hole - Rear Brake stuff for Vespa Smallframe.

Like the Brake pedal, the wire and the brake drum if it fits on your rear axis.



Hi Guys,

Thanks for the link but I could not open it. I still need help on the parts that will work to do this switch if any of you have done such a thing with your brakes. Any help is welcome.

Best Regards,....Bernie/vino50