Foot brake pedal



I'm wonderering if there is a way to remove the foot brake pedal of a Vespa 50 special?

I unscrewed all screws but can't seem to get the pedal out. Does anyone have a " how to" this?


greetz patrick




so just shakin it is the solution?

I disconnected the cables first , so in a way the footpedal ( part with the spring etc..) should come out of the bottom after shakin it in all directions...and after that the "foot " part of the pedal must come through the little hole in the floor board.?

I wil give it a try... 






Hi, that's true, it's kinda puzzle :)

I've done it yesterday after 15 minutes shaking it in all way. You've to take it out from the floorboard first  and, after that, try to remove the foot pedal .