Follow of reedvalves

picture 5 and text

Picture 1 : This is what you can have with the malossi reed bloc. And of course something has to be done.
Picture 2 : after milling inside the screw sit. Now the screw head is flat with the plane of the base. It is necessary to make the screw shorter as many mm you milled away to make the screw head flat with the base. If you milled away 2,5mm you have to make the screw 2,5mm shorter. If you don’t do it you will have an air leak.
The screw won’t be able to press the base down tigh on the cranckcases for the material we milled away from its base sit.
Picture 3 : to get the manifold base flat on its sit could be necessary to mill the curve on the right to match crancase space.The base manifold shoulder on the right has been milled and part of the left shoulder too. If not it won’t sit flat on the cranckcase.
Picture 4 : check the manifold base is flat.
Picture 5 : top view malossi reed manifold base

Hope this help!

I think this is the explication I wrote with the pictures I have sent on my blog.
So Mikkke you should have done the same work. And if you did it correctly it should work.
But I can’t see if the pictures are the one I have sent. I can’t open them.
If you Mikkke confirm are the same picture then it will be clear for me since I remember them.

The problem is that I can’t open the picture regarding the work you have done…