Flowed Longstroke Crankshaft for a PX150

Dear Members,

seeking your inputs.

I have a PX150 with at Pinasco 177cc kit, 24/24 carb, upgraded clutch.

Was thinking of adding a flowed long stroke crankshaft (was looking at Art.No. 46003000)

It shows to be compatible.

wondering if its a simple install or would there have to be some machining done on the cylinder?

Hi, if your actual crank is a standard stroke 57mm, in order to use a longstroke 60mm you need a spacer 1.5mm, either at the bottom of (under) the cylinder, or at the top of it under the head, I suggest you to buy both, first trying with the former option; if you notice too little torque at low rews and don't like it, then remove the spacer and use the one at the top f the cylinder.