Flashing headlight when indicating

when i am using my indicators on my t5 classic my headlight and tail light flash also problem just started yesterday … checked earth wires for headlight and indicators seem ok wot else can i check [?[]

check the all the connections on all the wiring under the side panel on and around the battery/voltage regulator/flasher unit.as all the power for the lights/indicators etc goes around there any bad connection or earth problem will effect most things that stem from there hence flashing lights when you indicate.very worst case cenario will be a failure on one of the coils on the stator plate.if its not kicking out enough power for lights and indicators as the indicator bulbs light up it draws the power off the headlamp so it dims.thats all i can think of at present.good luck

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

thanks m8 will look around all they wires u mentioned get back to u … [:dance2:]