Fitting instructions for MY Speedo

As they are pretty small I can't make out from the photo's which wires he is choosing. Is the power supply box used with the MY Vespa PX?

If there is an online version of the instruction manual where can I find it?




Cheers mate

I believe they are available on the site - just need to search. 

My fitting went ok but the fuel reading is incorrect and I've tried two senders, and the 'lights on' (green) doesn't light although the hi beam (blue) does.

Go to

On the right you can see "download information". The 3th pdf (16,8 mb) is the one for MY disc vespa.

Hi Does not work for me, help please.

If I follow the instructions and connect the red to unswitched battey live the speedo is on all the time.

Are the instructions wrong, speedo faulty or am I to stupid?


I have fiited the SIP sepeedo to my PX200Disc. Really pleased with it. All works fantastic!

It is working well with the mechanical speedo cable. Being able to calibrate the speedo with a Satnav is great but I would like to add the electronic sensor. Does anyone know the list of parts needed for the speed sensor? And how it is fitted. I didn't find too much info on the SIP site.

If you are fitting to a Disc Model then you shouldn't be attaching to the battery wire, that is for DC lighting models and won't switch off until the battery dies, I put another thread on here with (I think) clearer instructions so hopefully that will help you