Fitting a Sprint sidepanel on PX


I'm currently looking for a way to make my '81 PX look better. I was considering the retrovesp kit, but I don't like the way it all seems "too high", you know the mudguard and sidepanel are mounted bizarrely high so it just looks funny.

I also want to make the left sidepanel into a storage room, as I am sacrificing my glovebox for a spare tire. I don't want indicator holes neither for the side panels.

So, I like the look of the sprint side panels, and I was wondering if it would take a whole lot of adjusting to make them fit a PX with outer closing mechanism.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you scooterists.


I think Sprint panels will be too long.

But there are a couple of sprint panels on the dining room floor and a px in the garage so I will have a look and see and report back



Thanks for all the work you've done, Jim !

I've sent you an e-mail through outlook express.

When I get the mail with the pics I'll get back to you !

Grtz !

just pm'd you!

got some pictures to send you.


pin to pin the sprint panels are 5cm longer. so you would probably have to drill a new rear pin hole, and a new hole in front of the panel for the spring clip. You would need to fix some kind of bracket onto either the sprint panel and use the clip on the frame, or get rid of that and use the panel clip and fasten something onto the frame. I would favour using the sprint panel type fastening and bolting a piece onto the frame. You would need to cut off the bit that sticks out of the frame (if it hasn't broken [;)])

You would need to lose the rear bumper, and you may need to trim the bottom of the back of the panel.

Without taking the bumper off the back of my frame I can't tell if they would still stick out a tiny bit. Even if this is the case you may be able to disguise this with a modified bumper?

Not sure about the left panel, didn't try that. you may need to weld some more onto the bottom of the panel to make it fit the profile of the PX frame if it's different from the Sprint. (it may be the same) The l/h Sprint Panels don't clip on the are fastened on with screws & bolts. It should be big enough to hide the holes in the frame.

I think the best thing for you to do is borrow a pair of sprint panels and look at them against your PX so you can decide if they look how you want them to before you buy any.

Will send you the pictures and if I can be any more help just let me know.


Hey thanx mate! I’m looking forward to hearing from you…