Fitting a ScootRS Exhaust on a P2 Disk

Just received my scootrs exhaust, looks nice, time amd trial will tell.

From the previous posts I've read, I believe that it will fit with a spare wheel ... just.

I have fitted it, but in no way will the spare wheel go on. Also the centre stand spring rubs the exhsust. I followed the instructions as per for the SIP P200 pipe, as suggested by ScootRS. The bracket is fitted with the bolt heads on the inner side, is this correct?

Anybody got any pointers.

Also what jetting did you end up at, site suggested 118 to 125, 125 seems ridiculously large for a standard engine (origional 116), what's a more realistic starting point for a plug chop?

Any help appreciated,




Played around with the alignment/fitment of that ScootRS exhaust last night. First off, there is no way a spare wheel will fit, I've seen posts from others where they say it will ... only with a different custom bracket and cornering will be a problem!

I fitted a 125 main jet which was way over the top so dropped back to 120. Drove into work this morning and had some fun. I still have to do a plug chop proper and I think that 120 is even too large as it starts to bog slightly on approaching max revs.

It's about 4 miles to my work place with only 3 good places to open up, as I said this is a completely standard PX200 disc ...

- Engine revs much higher.

- Will get to nearly 60mph (indicated) in 3rd before gear change.

- Noticable increased torque.

- Pretty loud (not good, when there are 2 new babas in the street!), not too 'tinny' at tick over/low revs, nice deep sound once you hit the power band.

Still playing, but inital tests are promising.


To clarify, the exhaust I purchased is the 'tuned exhaust PX200 ss' stock number V1140-SS-P2.

I've only just got it on the scoot now and am still fiddling with the final orientation/carb setup. Previous posts on the same exhaust seem to indicate reasonable performance v's cost. My old exhaust was on the way out so an extra few quid for a nice stainless steel expansion pipe (albeit on a standard engine) instead of the standard seems a good choice. The build quality is good.

As I said time will tell, I will let you know how it goes.

The spare wheel won’t fit, unless you mount some racing tires (lower but broader) then maybe…
I sold my Scootrs pipe (abarth replica) because it looked like a cheap vietnam item (which it is)
and because my friend experienced some pretty daft performance LOSS !!

I’d like to know what your experiences are with this pipe.

Let us know!

Try using a cylinder cowl spacer bolt on the lower spare wheel mount.

Then you turn the spare wheel the opposite way to how it normally fits.

This makes the spare wheel fit at an angle and gives enough clearance for the exhaust.

I make a new stud for the lower mount with some M8 stainless threaded bar.

Sometimes you need to add an extra m8 plain nut, as well as the cowl spacer, just to give it a little more room.

It's a case of try it and see what it needs.

That's the one.