Fitting a 'MY' headlight to T5 classic

Hi, I hope someone can help... I'd like to order the modern clear glass PX headlight to fit on my T5 Classic


Part no 58294600


... can someone tell me if the item comes with the bulb holder (as obviously my current standard one is a different fitting) I can't see the bulb socket as a separate item so I'm hoping it does come included but it's not clear from the description of the photos.



Thanks for the reply, yeah I've seen them other places that look like a complete unit, problem is I need some other stuff I can only get from SIP so it would be best if I could get this from here also. I'll try using the contact form and see if I can get a direct reply.

Just in case anyone else is looking for the answer... I got a reply from the sip team and yes it does come with the bulb holder.

It's now on the way! [:D]


The ones I've ordered came with the bulb holder and bulb as well. This was'nt from SIP though. Might pay to check other shops homepages etc to make sure though.