Fitting a 200 carb on a 125

HI All,

Px125 with Polini 180 & sito plus exhaust is my setup. I want to add a p200 carb for extra cooling. If I buy a 24mil carb do I just need to buy a p200 air filter also and that’s it…just fit it.

Also…will I notice any difference with the larger carb on e.g faster acceleration or top end speed or is it just for the sake of cooling that I should add this.




I’ve tried in the past the 24si carb with a polini kit.
Yes it is better than standard carb. Be carefull jetting it.
Go very rich for starting and careful on non evenes between 3/4 and full trottle. It means you are running weak.
I have tried 24si modified 26.
The Polini kit is much happier.


When I fitted the 26mm Spaco carb to my LML 150 I put the smaller jet Beedspeed sent in it, put the LML throttle arm on as my LML is premix but the carb I had been sent had the autolube arm on, and I changed the adjuster screws for the LML ones as they were shorter and the Spaco ones didn`t want to fit in the carb box, I checked the number of turns as I took them off the LML carb and put them in the same on the 26mm carb, then all that needed setting was the tickover screw and the scooter is fine now. Looking down the hole it even lines up well, there is a small amount that can be filed/matched in, but it is a better fit than the 20mm carb (I will do it when the first engine out job comes up, but it is not bad as it is)

Thank Guys

Hi Brian, I have a 150 that I have fitted a 26mm S1 carb on with a Simonini pipe. I had to put a smaller main jet in it but that was all that was recommended by the shop I got it from (BEEDSPEED), the air filter is the same so I used my 150 one, it just bolts straight in and the difference is astounding, it starts first kick (was every 3rd kick) ticks over better, and the accelleration has improved A LOT. The top end will be better (when I finally run it in, at the rate my damn hand is taking to heal, it will take me two years to run her in). You might be ok with the stock 200 jetting as you have a 180 kit on, you will just have to take it easy for a while and keep checking your spark plug shows a good mixture colour (order a few spare jets under and over the stock one to save postage later) or maybe someone who has done the same might be able to advise what jets to try, it is hard to say for sure as each engine will need to find it`s own settings. Some people will say to junk the stock carb and go for a bike one, with or without reedvalve, but if all you want is to tweak your motor for normal use the stock S1 carbs are fine. If you want balls out tuning then you will need to go big carb etc but beware, the path to extreme tuning can turn into the twilight zone, where you judge fuel usage by miles to the tankful, not miles per gallon…HELP…NURSE…THE VOICES ARE TELLING ME TO PUT THAT NITROUS KIT ON THE CREDIT CARD AGAIN…AAARRRGGHH…HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

i tried this with a pinasco 177 kit last year, not worth the hassle, its a balls to get set up properly, even tried a t5 carb aswell but to no joy, in the end the threads on the air screw was ballsed up for constantly screwin it in and out[:’(]