First Ride

Took my first test ride the other day on my PK, never ridden a scoot before, but have driven a car for 20 years. I noticed a few things that I hope someone can clarify for me:

  1. When changing down gear, such as at traffic lights, I found that on occassion the scoot would refuse to move out of the gear I was in. Is this the clutch, clutch cable or a standard „feature“

  2. I notice in low gears that occasionally the power seemed to drop momentarily. also, a lack of power was evident when trying to restart. also, the scoot would refuse to restart for a few seconds if stalled. Is this an indication that a service is required?

  3. I noticed on the left hand side legshield what appearred to be a small petrol spill. I can’t see any evidence of a leak, especially on that side. What could this be?

Cheers in advance


  1. a bit of both probably…the clutch may just need adjusting up a bit…but it is also a bit of a „feature“ that you will get the hang of.

  2. Could be…a new spark plug would be my first stop…cheap and easy to replace…always start with the simple stuff.

  3. Hmmm hard to say without seeing it…as with everyone else at the moment, you may need a new float needle in the carb…try turning the fuel off when you stop for starters…


  1. When sitting at a dead stop at a light trying shifting the bike while rocking the whole bike forward and back with your feet. A little motion helps change gears and not necessarily indicative of any fault.

  2. This is something else that scooters do, your motor will probably need to ventilate a few kicks before restarting. To speed it up, pull out the choke, give it a kick, then close the choke, kick it again.

  3. Not to sure about this one. If this is a brand new rebuild, there’s apt to be some fiddling necessary to get everything set.

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