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Hey there,

This one goes out to all the English-speaking SIP customers or, rather, to all those among you who are using the English version of our website. Here at SIP, we are always working hard at translating all the stuff on our website into English. In fact, what good is the best online shop if you, the user, can’t understand a single word of that German text accompanying our product description?

As you’ll hopefully understand, the huge amount of text that has to be translated, especially with so many new parts arriving at our warehouse every day, simply cannot be translated at once, so it might sometimes take some time before a product description is available in English. But we’re working on it, promise!

Now, what we would like to hear at this point is your FEEDBACK on how well you get along with the English version of the site. It is one thing to translate a simple piece of your little sister’s school essay into another language, but our product descriptions are often crammed with technical terms, making it a rather tough challenge for the translator. What’s your opinion on this? Are the descriptions in general understandable? Do you have problems navigating through the site and buying parts or finding technical information? If yes, which parts of the site are rather poorly translated? Of course, you might as well give us two thumbs up for the translations (that is, if there is reason to do so).

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the shop!

Here's another one in the description of the Malossi 210 cylinder kits:

"There's more power to be had out of your 210cc when it's cleanly modified or simply renovated. How about a completely modified MALOSSI out of the SERIE PRO production from tuning guru Andi Wrobel.

The boost port conduit (third transfer opposite the exhaust) is widened and polished. The exhaust is enlarged on the side circa 2.0mm and widened upwards around 2.0mm. Additionally the piston windows are enlarged to a maximal niveau. "

Better than the French "niveau" would be the English "level".



Hey Richard,

Thanks for the helpful reply. We are aware of the problem with the different versions of the classic Vespa models. Now what we try to do is to add a list for every item in the webshop indicating the versions that this item will fit. Usually, this list can be found at the bottom of the specific item description page and will look something like this:

This product fits the following models

Producer/Model cc Type Engine Yr. of Const. Extra
VESPA 50 / N 50 V5A1T 2T AC `63-`71
VESPA 50 L 50 V5A1T 2T AC `66-70
VESPA 50 R 50 V5A1T 2T AC `69-`83
VESPA 50 Revival 50 V5R1T 2T AC


We derive the information for these lists from the ultimate source of Vespa knowledge, a book we call the "PIAGGIO bible". This book contains all the information necessary to specify which part fits your model. As you can imagine, updating these lists is a rather extensive piece of work, but we are certainly giving it our best effort.

All the best,



the site is great and the feedback section is a very good idea,

could you also add a section with a list of email address we can email
as your main email address does't seem to work very well, i have sent
8+ emails wish to purchase item and had no reply to any of them



I appreciate very much the English translations on your site. I will start to take note of things that can be improved. One small item that I noticed last week that I had to look at twice in boldface type below:

ROAD KIT MALOSSI 210cc: racing cylinder MALOSSI 210cc "Sport 2013", spacer, float chamber, racing exhaust SIP ROAD, reinforced springs, spark plug, cylinder head MMW, 3 main jets, throttle slide, clutch nut/cage, ignition timing approx. 17-18°.

The comma after "spacer" makes it look like there are two items here: a spacer and a float chamber. It would be better stated as "float chamber spacer". 

Thanks for your translations!


Can't say I've ever had a problem with the site, but speaking a little bit of German may help.  It's a little annoying sometimes not having the description of items, but then I always have the SIP catalogue to hand, which my scootering friends and I refer to as "the bible"!  I honestly believe your website and catalogue are the best place for technical and custom content, even to the English community.

Promoting the English forums may bring more English-speaking activity to your site, which may be an easier place for language issues to be resolved, as the German and English speakers can mingle and hopefully the community can do some the work for you.

But dealing with more complicated issues over the phone is absolutely fine, even in the digital age.  It gives the buyer much more confidence in their purchases.

Martin - in general, translations are really OK. There are bugs, of course, like the (hardcoded?) names of the weekdays in this forum, but that´s just minor. :-)

But: I have a plea for you...

Many export versions of the classic Vespas, especially the V50, were different in lots of aspects compared to the Italian versions. This leads to confusion when it comes to ordering spares.
There are numerous differences in the Swedish version of the V50 - not just the mortally restricted crank. So "will fit V50/PV" is not always true. A newcomer might not realize this, and order the wrong parts. This will lead to long chains of irritation, returns, no-reply-to-email aggravation etc.

Part/most of this could be avoided IF:

a) you collected information (from reliable sources) regarding which export versions were different

b) you compiled and published a list over what the differences are - or at least the different areas affected (electrical system, brakes etc) 

c)  you made a note (an asterisk might be good enough) with all spares that MIGHT be affected IF the customer has an export version.

Now, I understand that this might be a huge job - and maybe too big to be practical. BUT: your customers would benefit from at least a warning notice when entering the shop....

"IF you have an export model of the V50/PV, some parts *will* be different from the standard Italian version. Please make sure to double-check with your local guru (or Vespa forum) which part is the correct one"

My two cents  /Richard

Hi Casper, thanks for your reply.
The problem with emails is that one email usually starts a correspondence. It means the person in charge ends up writing 4, 5, 6 … emails in the end for one case. Doing this in a phone call takes 2 minutes, for an email it is double the time or even more.
This does look minor, but actually we receive around 300 emails per day. You can imagine that, especially during the high season in spring and summer, it is impossible. This is why you receive an automatic reply with this information:

Dear SIP-Scootershop customer,

Thank you for submitting your question or comment to us via
our online email form. We have received your email and will
do our best to respond within 2-3 business days.

For technical inquiries we have a solution at our forum:
The SIP Scootershop internet forum is, in reality, a brain pool of over 4000 scooter pilots and of course, our own SIP moderators get involved, especially when there’s a tough nut to crack.

For those who have questions about articles in our assortment, we’ve opened an article forum at  Here’s where our customers have expressed their personal experience with SIP products; you’ll find opinions, praise and criticism for each individual article.
Further, the Shop has information about product availability, current price info, illustrations and technical details. We hope that this information alone can solve some of your questions.
To top this all off, you receive a 5% discount when you order online!

Our mail order catalogue department is being upgraded, which means catalogues can be ordered or preordered only through //Catalogues.

If you require faster service please call our hotline 0049-8191-9699969, there will a competently, friendly specialist worry about your request.
Our business hours are of 9:00AM-01:00PM and 02:00 PM-6:00PM from Monday till Friday, Saturday from 10:00AM-02:00PM.

Thank you again for writing. Your questions, comments, and
feedback are very important to us, and we’ll be getting back
with you as soon as possible.

Please phone us or use this forum. If you need to write use our contact form! We are more efficient here and also we try to improve.

Thanks, greetings,