FedEx - Canada: great service SIP!

see attached... great service from FedEx (Germany to Canada - 5 days!).



scuderia benzina


Yes thats a great service, pretty fast  !! but if i see the condition of the parcel, this tells me how they handle the stuff. This is what we are working for at the moment. to get better Quality.


Hope all in the package was good and  nothing was damaged!


thanks for the good news





you're right Daaren!...

when shipping to Canada, FedEx is the way to go.

I made the mistake of choosing UPS for their "next-day-service" and paid $130 in shipping... only to have my S.I.P.  package delivered 6 days later!  When I challenged UPS on their delivery-guarantee-or-it's-free... they told me to pound sand.  

UPS sucks.

Go with FedEx!!!